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Fitness& Conditioning

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Fitness & Conditioning

Our fitness and conditioning programmes are unlike any other. We call it ‘Get fit or Go Home’. We focus on short bursts of high intensity interval training exercises, that are best suited to strengthening core muscles and building your stamina, if you are looking to lose a few pounds or build on your current fitness regime this class will be excellent for you.

The beauty of ‘Get Fit or Go Home’ is that the only competition you have is yourself. So if you think your ‘hardcore’ we dare you to push yourself to the limits and make this the hardest workout of your life, and if your thinking ‘I’m not fit enough’ we challenge you to take the first step, work at your pace, and your pace only, and see the amazing difference this class will make.

We provide you with the material’s you will need to track your progress and achieve your goals and just when you’re getting used to the exercises, the programme changes, keeping you engaged and allowing you to be constantly pushed both physically and mentally.