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Kickin’ Kids (Freestyle Development Program)

Our Freestyle Kickboxing development program will see your child experience safe weapons training (Nunchaku and Bo Staff), self-defense and stranger danger skills. Including board breaking, our program is the most versatile and exciting martial arts curriculum. Our aim is the make your child the best they can be at anything they put their minds to, and to be able to make confident choices within their lives and to be able to believe in themselves.

The program also looks to encourage involvement from you as parents/guardians (don’t worry this isn’t time consuming on your part) as we feel this is incredibly important and supportive to your child’s development and success. At Pyramid Martial Arts we teach children how to become better individuals and have fun learning new skills, and while some parents and teachers may think martial arts may lead to injuries, studies have shown that martial arts is safer than nearly any other physical activity, including football; this is because we are teaching children the skills they need to avoid injuries.

We highly emphasize to children the importance of conflict avoidance through self-control, self-discipline and improving self-confidence. Our classes are taught in a fun and motivating way, as studies have shown that having fun is the best way for children to learn and retain information.

The most important lesson that children can learn from us is respect, for themselves, their peers and other children and at the end of their journey we know that your child will be a more confident, self- motivating and assertive young person.