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Lose weight, become fitter, learn to defend yourself and be more confident as part of a positive and winning team at Pyramid Martial Arts. Our vast array of martial arts classes caters for children and adults of all ages and abilities, with beginner and advanced programmes available that are specifically developed to ensure the best results. Our instructors travel the world to hone their chosen skills to become the best in not only in the South East but in the country, so whatever you want to learn we have something to offer you. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere were we provide regular classes throughout the week including Freestyle Kickboxing, Krav Maga,Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, NOGI Grappling, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing,Viet Vo Dao, Fitness and Conditioning Programmes. Save

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Dear all,

After much consideration and consultation, we have of course decided to close all venues after tonight’s classes, until we are legally and safely allowed to reopen in early December according to government guidelines.

Accordingly, we come up with a plan to ensure that our classes run as normally as possible for all of our dedicated members!

With our new, online learning programme we feel that;

1. Students won't suffer from the disruption and don’t miss out on learning;
2. It brings a sense of routine and normality to these uncertain and scary times
3. The club can survive this storm and be able to reopen when it is all over

The plan: Our dedicated team will continue filming many classes and resources which will be available to you all online. Along with providing support and tuition throughout the process.

This not only will keep everybody motivated, for and provide much needed routine, but also in turn supports our team through this, all of whom are self employed.

We at PMA will keep the family, team spirit ethos that we are so proud to have and ensure we all make it through together and come out stronger the other side!

There is no need to do anything if you are willing and able to continue your tuition with our online service.

You will be provided with weekly videos and training packs in order to carry on your lessons as planned.

Thank you all so so much for your support, please use the online classes as much as possible as we will all be working very hard to keep adding new, exciting content as often as possible.

The online classes will be shown at the same times of your normal classes via social media and lots of additional classes will also be provided if you want to train even more at this time.

Please understand that we will do our best to reply to you all as soon as possible, however as you know the Pyramid UK family is HUGE so please bear with us.

Hopefully this is only for a month so we will all get through this together. Thank you ALL for your continued support and love during these difficult times.

We will be putting details of our online training on all channels ASAP

Kindest regards

Matt and all of the PMA team

Healthy regards

PMA Team